Development Update & Timelines

  • Green Planet —Code Complete
    Final testing is happening and Green Planet can launch as early as this coming Monday. However, we’ve posted a proposal here so that the community can vote on whether to launch it then or after the full audit is complete. The relaunch of Green Planet will come with new utility for GAMMA. Anyone will be able to earn more supplying assets to Green Planet by staking GAMMA in Infinity Vaults. There’s also been major optimizations done that will reduce gas costs.
  • Swap Logic Optimization — July 8th
    Planet’s AMM will load significantly faster. There will be significant UI improvements & Planet’s Stableswap will integrate seamlessly with the rest of the non-stable liquidity.
  • New Farm — July 29th
    The new farm will come with a new utility for GAMMA enabling all liquidity providers to be able to earn more by staking GAMMA in Infinity Vaults. Also, with one click, GAMMA earned across all pools will be staked directly into the GAMMA Infinity Vault.
  • Infinity Vaults — August 12th
    Infinity vaults will be relaunched to enable boosted rewards on the new farm and green planet for GAMMA stakers.
  • Stableswap — August 19th
    Swap stablecoins on Planet with deep liquidity. Planet’s Stableswap features the lowest swap fee on BNB Chain. The Stableswap’s liquidity will be aggregated by 1inch & other protocols. This should enable Planet’s Stableswap to capture significant trade volume due to having the lowest fee on BNB Chain.
  • Refer & Earn — August 26th
    This will be a large catalyst of growth for Planet. Users will be able to share their link & earn on fees generated by their referrals.
  • Aggregated Vaults/Pools — End of August
    All tokens earned through aggregated vaults/pools will utilize Planet’s “claim boost” strategy. The rewards will be converted to GAMMA. When claimed, this GAMMA will automatically be staked into the Infinity Vault.
  • Pink Planet — Mid September
    This will be a unique marketplace that gives artists of all types the space to create. Pink Planet will feature massive innovations that align the incentives of supporters & creators. Pink Planet will feature a lot of new utility for GAMMA that will lock up a large % of the supply over time.
  • Mobile App — Q4
    A self-custody wallet that makes DeFi easy to use for the masses.



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Decentralize the planet’s finances. Governed by AQUA, powered by GAMMA.