Green Planet Launch FAQs (Vaults, LP’s & What To Do)

Once the new vaults & LP’s launch, you will first need to withdraw your crypto assets from old vaults.

They can be found in the finished tab on Blue Planet, Red Planet, Uranus.

When Green Planet launches this week, and GAMMA starts to distribute, new vaults will launch as well.

There’s no deadline on removing your funds from existing vaults, that can be done any time. Although, it’s probably smarter to do it sooner than later (after GAMMA is live) if you want to start earning GAMMA rewards for being in the new vaults.

  • You’ll need to withdraw your beltBNB, beltBTC, beltETH from vaults.
  • Then, go to and remove liquidity to convert your belt tokens back into BNB, BTCB, ETH.
  • New single assets vaults will launch on Red Planet for (AQUA, GAMMA, BNB, BTCB, ETH) Depositing in them will be easy. You won’t need to transform tokens to deposit.
  • You’ll just need to approve the Vault, then deposit your crypto assets. When deposited, they’re also being supplied directly to Green Planet. This is the case for all, EXCEPT for the GAMMA auto compound vault.

Blue Planet
BUSD (Supplying to Green Planet)
DAI (Supplying to Green Planet)
UST (Supplying to Green Planet)
USDC (Supplying to Green Planet)
USDT (Supplying to Green Planet)

Red Planet
AQUA (Supplying to Green Planet)
GAMMA (Auto-Compounding)
BNB (Supplying to Green Planet)
BTCB (Supplying to Green Planet)
ETH (Supplying to Green Planet)

  • You’ll need to withdraw your LP’s and deposit them into the new vaults that will earn GAMMA.
  • Also, there will be new LP’s launching directly on Planet Finance. This means more assets will be tradable in Planet Finance’s swap like USDT, DAI, & GAMMA.
  • There will not be an AQUA-BUSD & AQUA-CAKE LP/Vault after the launch of Green Planet & GAMMA.

AQUA-BNB (Already Exists)

Blue Planet
UST-USDC (Already Exists)
BUSD-USDC (Already Exists)

Red Planet
ETH-BTCB (Already Exists)
BTCB-BNB (Already Exists)

For the liquidity pools that already exist, you’ll just need to withdraw your LP tokens, and deposit them into the new vaults. For the new liquidity pools, you’ll need to create them manually or by using the transform pop up.

All aggregated vaults from other protocols will live on Uranus going forward.

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Decentralize the planet’s finances. Governed by AQUA, powered by GAMMA.