Hopium Is Dead (For Now), What’s Next For Planet

Hopium Is Dead (For Now)

  • Relaunching lending markets.
  • Relaunching the non-stable swap.
  • Launching the Stableswap.
  • Increased yields from extra GAMMA based on the users GAMMA supplied.
  • All GAMMA rewards will go to the infinity vault as opposed to being claimed immediately (this will likely reduce the liquid supply of GAMMA and reward GAMMA infinity vault stakers further).
  • Decreased gas fees when using the lending protocol through smart contract optimizations.
  1. Trade fees (0.25% for PancakeSwap and 0.1% for Biswap)
  2. Deep liquidity to enable big trades
  3. A referral system (Biswap)
  1. Giving a yield boost on all farms and lending markets based on users staking GAMMA in the Infinity Vaults.
  2. Giving discounts on borrow rates for users who stake GAMMA.
  3. Increasing the protocol fees that are used to buy GAMMA and send it to the GAMMA reserve.
  4. GAMMA will have massive utility on Pink Planet. This will lock up a tremendous amount of GAMMA and anyone will be able to spend GAMMA to earn with the creators of NFTs that they like. (more to come on this)



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