Introducing the Planet Ambassador Programme

3 min readSep 7, 2023

Greetings Users,

We are thrilled to unveil the inaugural Planet Ambassador Programme, a unique opportunity designed to enhance your crypto experience. This comprehensive guide outlines all the intricate details you need to embark on this exciting journey and extract maximum value from it.

Unlocking Benefits for You

Let’s dive straight into why the Planet Ambassador Programme (PAP) should be on your radar. The program is not just about participation; it’s about rewards. Upon enrolment in PAP, each endeavour across its three tiers promises fantastic incentives. Expect a surge in gamma and amplified APYs as you engage in this dynamic initiative.

Moreover, the PAP is ingeniously designed to foster protocol growth. Every action you take reverberates through our marketing efforts, effectively boosting the Total Value Locked (TVL). This, in turn, positively impacts the value of the tokens you possess and contributes to your overall wealth.

But that’s not all — PAP also serves as your compass in the ever-evolving crypto landscape. Staying informed through PAP will empower you to make informed decisions and navigate the crypto sphere with confidence.

The Three Pillars of Planet Ambassador Programme

Layer 1 — Amplification Through Twitter

Your journey as an ambassador kicks off by sharing, commenting, and even quote-retweeting Planet’s existing content. Your engagement amplifies Planet’s voice, much like turning up the volume on a marketing speaker. Even reaching one additional person matters, and you contribute to expanding Planet’s reach.

Layer 2 — Engaging with Planet’s Suggested Content

Participate in discussions across various platforms where DeFi and related services are being discussed. These engagements are strategically chosen to draw attention to Planet. By participating, you introduce new audiences to our ecosystem.

Layer 3 — Fostering User-Generated Content

Nothing rivals the effectiveness of a contented user sharing their experiences. This layer encourages you to create your content, sharing strategies, accomplishments, and your favourite Planet features. By doing so, you not only celebrate your achievements but also help newcomers harness the power of the Protocol.

A Rewarding System that Reflects Your Efforts

Rewards are allocated across the three layers to recognize your contributions:

- Layer 1 (Amplification): 20k Gamma (50% locked at $0.03)

- Layer 2 (Engagement): 30k Gamma (50% locked at $0.03)

- Layer 3 (Creation): 50k Gamma (50% locked at $0.03)

Earning Your Rewards (Eligibility Criteria)

Earning rewards depends on the extent of your engagement:

- Amplification: Rewards are proportional to the engagement level with tweets, with a 10% bonus for self-created tweets. Full rewards (100%) are achieved by engaging with all Planet tweets and creating your tweets.

- Engagement: Rewards are based on the number of opportunities seized. For example, completing 60% of provided article or post links makes you eligible for 60% rewards.

- Creation: The top three creators of high-quality videos (both short and long forms) share the 50k Gamma.

Embarking on Your PAP Journey

Ready to dive in? Start by filling out a form to signal your journey’s commencement. This ensures we accurately track your progress across the layers and reward you accordingly.

Click here for sign up form

Embrace the Planet Ambassador Programme and become a catalyst for protocol growth, all while reaping fantastic rewards. Together, we can usher in a new era of crypto excellence.

Warm regards,


Marketing Lead

(Planet Ambassador Programme)




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