Monthly Marketing Recap — August 2023

3 min readSep 2, 2023

Hello Everyone,

I’m excited to share an update on our marketing activities in August. Here’s a snapshot of our progress:

1. Strategy in Motion:
We began the strategy work from July and wrapped it up in August finalising the first part of our detailed marketing plan, which we’ve divided into three sprints. We’re currently executing the first sprint, aligning our efforts with our overall goals.

2. Twitter Success:
Our Twitter strategy received a boost with a well-thought-out posting calendar. This led to a remarkable sevenfold increase in our monthly metrics compared to last month. Impressions soared from 6,500 in July to an impressive 48,200 in August! (Check out the screenshots below.)

July, 2023
August, 2023

3. BSC News Battle of dapps:
We took on the challenge of participating in a dApps competition. While we didn’t secure victory, we gained new users and valuable attention for Planet.

4. Conducted Contests and Polls:
August was marked by vibrant engagement, thanks to interactive contests and polls on Twitter. These activities not only entertained but also fostered stronger connections within our community.

What’s coming up for September?

5. Anticipating the Planet Ambassador Programme (PAP):
September holds a major highlight as we prepare to launch the Planet Ambassador Programme. Stay tuned for an in-depth Medium article unveiling the program’s details and our vision for its success.

6. Building Powerful Marketing Partnerships:
We’ve started conversations with potential campaign partners like Intract & Layer3. Our focus is on partners who can help us execute impactful campaigns efficiently. Exciting things are coming your way!


We’re gearing up to initiate the execution of the following strategic moves:

  1. DeBank Marketing Advancement: We’re excited to integrate DeBank’s powerful web3 marketing gateway into our strategy. This fusion promises to amplify our reach and engagement, propelling us toward new horizons.
  2. Protocol Communication Refinement: Our proactive approach includes a thorough Planet Clean Up. As the protocol has evolved with significant changes like tokenomics, we’re committed to aligning our communication to accurately reflect these shifts, fostering clarity and transparency.
  3. New User Welcome Kit Launch: For our new explorers, we’re crafting an informative Welcome Kit. This guide will serve as their compass through Planet, offering insights into the diverse possibilities it holds and the optimal navigation to harness its full potential.

We are sure you will have more questions pertaining to marketing, so we will be doing an AMA next week discussing all things marketing and Planet Ambassador Program. Stay tuned for the announcement.

With anticipation for what lies ahead, we’re excited about the next chapter of our journey. As we wrap up this report, I send my best wishes to you all, hoping your August was as outstanding as ours.

Planet Finance Team




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