Quarterly Marketing Plan

6 min readJul 31, 2023


We know you’ve been waiting a while for this. With the platform in a good place with regards to discoverability, utility and consistency, we’re delighted to now introduce you to our marketing plan for this quarter. This is going to be a long one, so grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started!

What we want to achieve

Our goals for the marketing plan were simple.

  1. How do we increase the TVL rapidly, particularly in our highest yield generating aggregated pools? The initial goal being to 10x the TVL from the present ~ 14 million.
  2. How do we make Planet “well known” in the Defi space? We want TVL growth but we also want our growth to come from good mix of whales and regular investors. This means we want to have a higher number of daily and monthly active users on the Planet.

How do we plan to achieve this?

As mentioned once before, we plan do this through a three pronged approach, focusing on the growth and engagement of users, Planet’s credibility in the DeFi space and leveraging of partnerships and partner protocols

  1. Organic and engagement-driven growth
  2. Influence and education-oriented expansion
  3. Partnerships and campaigns-led promotion

Sprint 1 — Clean Up and Get the Ball Rolling

The focus for the first sprint is to clean up the and bring content consistency across our planet’s touch points and get started with the new plans for Twitter and Telegram

Clean Up

Before starting on any of the platforms, we believe it is essential to make sure the messaging on various touch points that currently exist and are likely to be checked by any new aquanaut joining in must be consistent.

To this end, we plan to Review and fix content for accuracy as well as brand consistency across platforms. The key areas of focus for this are the website, docs, faqs, tokenomics infographics, twitter and reddit.


Before we get to the actual plan for twitter, we’d like to touch on the importance of twitter for Planet and the role we expect it to play in the marketing plan.

  1. We DO NOT expect to find new users on Twitter.
  2. We expect users who discover us on other mediums (that we discuss below) will check us out on twitter, and silence on twitter will immediately cause new aquanauts to distrust Planet.
  3. We expect aquanauts to check out updates and regular information about Planet on twitter, our aquanaut survey run on telegram a few days back confirmed this.

For Twitter, we believe presence implies multiple tweets a day. Consequently, one of our key goals with twitter is to engage users with a variety of interesting content with a frequency of 5–6 tweets per day.

The key areas of focus for these tweets are

  1. Educational / Useful: How to… threads, DeFi tips, safety and security and successful strategies executed using planet

2. Engaging / Viral: Trending DeFi topics, major crypto news, trends and brand banter

3. Planet Focused: Partner amplifications, feature deep dives, giveaways, contests, highest APYs & whats coming up

In addition to these, we intend to also run Twitter contests for engagement (conducted by twitter influencers , introduced in sprint 4) and leave engaging comments on trending tweets to stay relevant and bring attention to Planet.

While all of this will be ongoing continuously, as part of sprint 1, we plan to get the legwork for this done so tweets can proceed smoothly thereafter


In addition to the ongoing weekly reports, answers to all your doubts and questions, we plan to have the following on telegram.

  1. Pool of the week conducted every Monday
  2. Monthly AMAs surrounding a topic or questions from the users conducted on the last Sunday of every month
  3. Sharing our reddit and twitter threads with thought provoking questions for the users to engage in

Sprint 2 — Visibility, Partnerships and Internal Influencers

As part of sprint 2, we want to cover the channels that we believe will be most effective and crucial in helping us reach our goals. These include, Debank, the Planet Ambassadors Program, Partnership Playbook.


In our research into the various options for marketing in the DeFi space, one platform that stood out as unique to DeFi and innovative is Debank. We plan to leverage the web3 social component of Debank for marketing in the following ways —

  1. STREAM — using our official accounts to push latest project updates, rewarding activities, important notices, etc
  2. Leveraging the ‘Broadcast messages’ feature to push corporate business cards to all potential users
  3. Marketing cards and Airdrops to DeFi users of other protocols
  4. User chat — addressing all inquiries and bugs

Debank could be a great platform to do targeted marketing for acquiring new users.

Planet Ambassadors Program

DeFi is a unique space. Owing to the various security threats in this space, all of us are a little wary of trusting influencers paid to promote a protocol.

Planet has an interesting and strong community of aquanauts that love it because of their own experiences with Planet for so long. We want to encourage and enable you, our trusted aquanauts to be ambassadors and our voice, acting as our very own internal influencers. We believe you could be a game-changer for planet.

We have two simple approaches planned for this

  1. Reddit questions with high engagement to be selected by the team and sent on the telegram group for our ambassador aquanauts to answer with their own experiences and view points. Best answers to come for a vote on our telegram group with an opportunity to win some gamma .
  2. Every week, the team would share a topic or area of planet we wish to focus on with our aquanaut ambassadors. Ambassadors could share their trade, yield earning and strategy screenshots, shorts or videos on twitter. Community and audience favourites each to win gamma.

Both Debank and Twitter can be the channels for Planet Ambassadors.

Partnership Playbook

A document of various strategies of collaborations with our partners, including

  1. Marketing campaigns options
  2. AMAs on each other’s platforms
  3. Shared Twitter spaces conducted on both the pages
  4. Announcement Blogs posted on both the platforms
  5. Twitter sequence of tweets

Our goal with this is to have a nice bank of alternatives to choose from that brings variety and a unique flavour to each of our partnerships while still requiring minimal effort on the daily, thanks to this Playbook being ready.

Sprint 3 — EVG, Represent Planet, Ads

Extreme Value Giveaway

EVGs are giving extreme value to our ideal client at no cost to attract them inside the sales funnel.

We believe these could be a game changer for Planet. It’s our chance to provide new aquanauts an opportunity to experience working with us without having to make any commitment which in turn will develops trust, credibility and an expertise with a no commitment glimpse of Planet’s USPs and platform. It also gives us an opportunity to enter their world and be able to retarget them, reach them for our new pool of the weeks and campaigns.

The EVG Plan would involve the following

  1. Running a Poll on Telegram for our EVG Topic shortlist to see what aquanauts want the most.
  2. Creating the EVG
  3. Distributing the EVG across some or all of ads, telegram groups, planet ambassadors, twitter influencers’ campaigns, partner’s playbook campaigns , website etc.
  4. Distribution of the message for EVG through the above mentioned channels
  5. Delivery of the EVG on telegram
  6. Retargeting the new users by sharing the pool of the weeks and other campaigns with them

Representation in online and offline events

There’s a lot happening in the world of Crypto and we want Planet to be present there. We believe this will help with visibility and help build a reputation for Planet in the wider crypto space. Our plan for this is to

  1. Create a list of all events (Online or offline) happening around the Crypto world or DeFi
  2. Approach and plan representation of planet on select events with a CTA announcement
  3. Prepare an event leveraging schedule pre and post event

Our participation in battle of dapss is a first experiment in this channel.

Ads on DeFi platforms

We will be timing ads with our Airdrops and Give aways on DeFi platforms like DexGuru, DappRadar, DefiLamma, etc.

Fourth Sprint — Key Opinion Leaders

As a final goal for this quarter, we’d like to set up and get started with external influencers on Twitter and YouTube

External Influencer

  1. Handpicking 3 youtube influencers and leveraging the partnership with them. Getting influencer content generated and marketing campaigns run with them.
  2. Picking 3 twitter influencers to generate higher reach and conducting contests with them. Conducting twitter spaces in collaboration with twitter influencers.
  3. Two strong collaborations to be done in the first quarter BSC news being the first one.


We are starting with Sprint 1 immediately. We will also continue to double down and refine the strategies for all the marketing channels we have chosen. We are confident that by involving our community, implementing diverse marketing initiatives consistently, and carefully collaborating with partners, we will achieve steady TVL growth. Join us on this exciting journey to make Planet soar in the DeFi space!




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