Weekly Update — 14th August 2023

2 min readAug 14, 2023


Tech Updates

✅ Optimizations

  • Optimized liquidations page and made it live
  • Majority of the Backend optimization is complete. Will be closing this out this week.

✅ Tokenomics Change

  • Made good progress on the tokenomics change. Will be publishing the details and release timelines this week.

✅ Worked on New Thena V3 HAY-USD pools.

  • Will be made live today.
  • Current Biswap HAY-USDT pool will be discontinued as they have migrated to V3. We will add Biswap pools once we aggregate Biswap V3.

✅ Added Binance Wallet support to Connect to Planet.

Marketing Updates

✅ Sprint 1 of the marketing plan initiated

✅ Planned and executed battle of dapps

✅ Twitter Calendar is created and finalized.

  • You will start seeing consistent theme oriented Tweets from now on.

✅ Twitter contests created and finalized

  • Regular contests for current and new users to be conducted every week

✅ Setting up of Planet Ambassador programme initiated

✅ Research completed on partners for partner’s amplification content

✅ Finalized a campaign with Helio for October. Both Helio and Planet will be contributing for the rewards. Details will be shared a bit later.

Numbers for last week

Focus for next week

➡️ Continue to work on Tokenomics change and publish a medium article on the plan, architecture, migration, and timelines

➡️ Tokenomics automation

➡️ Finish backend optimization

➡️ Start executing the marketing plan.

  • Consistent daily theme based tweets
  • Launching first Twitter contest
  • Launching Planet ambassador program




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