Weekly Update — 28th August 2023

2 min readAug 28, 2023

Tech Updates

✅ Tokenomics Change

  • Finalized the all changes after writing the base version of the main smart contracts — timelock, bounty, new farm etc.
  • Found the solution to implement new changes without redeploying markets (Farm will have to be redeployed)
  • Published the medium article detailing the changes

✅ Swap and Zap out

  • Thoroughly tested and fixed issues in the Swap and zap out features
  • Made sure swap won’t go through if the slippage or price impact is high.

✅ Backend Optimizations

  • Optimized apy calculation for all vaults and pools using multicalls (grouping all blockchain functions together instead of calling one by one).
  • Modularised the data required for the cron jobs to fetch data once and supply to different crons efficiently.
  • Optimized a host of functions in the backend

Marketing Updates

✅ Planet Ambassador Programme

  • Planet Ambassador Programme is 70% complete! Finalising rewards and preparing for an exciting launch soon

✅ Twitter Updates

  • Calendar is being followed and creating tweets consitently based on the Twitter Calendar created. Seeing a growth in Twitter in terms of engagement.
  • Planet Meme contest conducted. Thank you for all the participants. It was fun!

✅ Started collaborating with Layer3. Layer3 is one of the biggest growth platforms in web3. Top protocols including Uniswap use it to run campaigns on layer3. The advantage is that we can run education oriented gamified campaigns with layer3 targeting high value users.

Numbers for last week

Focus for next week

➡️ Continue to focus and work on new Tokenomics smart contracts

➡️ ️Fix all Swap and zap out issues.

➡️ Finish backend optimization

➡️ Start with Tokenomics automation

➡️ Start the collaboration with Chainlink on their new tech CCIP (ability to run transaction across multiple blockchains). And see if this can be relevant for Planet’s multi chain expansion

➡️ Continue to work with layer3 and see if a collaboration is possible.

➡️ Consistent daily theme based tweets

➡️ Launch Planet ambassador program




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