Weekly Update — 31st July 2023

2 min readJul 31, 2023

Tech Updates

✅ Optimizations

  • Continued the front-end optimization by reducing the API calls to the backend to reduce load
  • Optimized the liquidations page (in progress)
  • Backend optimization (in progress)

✅ Max button issues are fixed across the site — pools, lending, etc

✅ Working on RPC rate limiting so that site is loaded always without any issues (in progress)

Marketing Updates

✅ Created and published the marketing plan for the next quarter. We will be having focused sprints based on the plan. We will be focus on cleanup the website, socials, docs etc first and focus on twitter and telegram in the first sprint (one to two weeks)

✅ Created a strategy and schedule for battle of dapps

Numbers for last week

Focus for next week

➡️ Continue to work on Tokenomics change and publish a medium article on the plan, architecture, migration, and timelines

➡️ Continue optimizing the website

➡️ Fix the liquidations page

➡️ Start executing the marketing plan. Also double down and expand on various channels we have finalized starting with debank

➡️ Battle of dapps execution




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