Weekly Update

2 min readJul 24, 2023


Tech Updates

✅ We are currently focused on optimizing Planet fully. Optimized base, lending, and pools pages. Website now loads under 7 seconds. Will be doing the same for backend. This should eliminate all the loading issues.

✅ Optimized the markets page so that market info is loaded at all times

✅ Optimized cron (to reduce gas cost) that update rewards for all users of aggregated pools.

✅ Bug fixes

  • optimisation of bsc calls to fetch token details on drop down of swap
  • zap in zap out from the highest apy buttons was not working properly earlier. Fixed this.
  • fixed loader not going off on cancelled transactions in zap in and zap out
  • fixed boost calculator to load data properly in all scenarios

Marketing Updates

✅ Conducted a survey to understand our current users. We have analyzed the survey to understand how to reach our target audience and where to engage with them.

✅ We have brainstormed and outlined a rough marketing strategy for the next three months. We will be finalizing the specifics of each part of the strategy and publishing a medium article next week.

✅ We would like to leverage our partnerships more efficiently. So we brainstormed the best way to improve this. Created the first draft of a partnership playbook which we share with all our partners — this sets basic rules for partnership, how the partners are onboarded, and once onboarded, what is the blue print for how the partners and Planet can work together to amplify each other.

We have partnered with BSC News to participate in Battle of dapps (twitter space)

9 projects — divided in the teams of 3
4 rounds of question answers
3 top finalists going head to head (1 project from each Chain’s group)

The winner of the entire competition will receive a bespoke marketing package from BSC News at no cost.

What are we majorly getting out of this?

✅ Mentioned in 4 tweets
✅ Mentioned in 2 articles
✅ Mentioned in the Promotional video
✅ Custom video short
✅ Personalised promo video
✅ Interview on BSC news

Numbers for last week

Focus for next week

➡️ Continue to work on Tokenomics change and publish a medium article on the plan, architecture, migration, and timelines

➡️ Continue optimizing the website

➡️ Finalize next three month’s marketing plan and publish a medium article

➡️ Finalize and Publish Partnership playbook (internal — will only be sharing with our partners)




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